How to Plan a Wedding Vow Renewal

There are a lot of reasons to have a wedding vow renewal; perhaps your wedding ceremony was done at a time when you couldn’t afford the celebration of your dreams. Maybe you and your mate have a period of separation coming up compelled by business, family or a call to duty in the armed forces. Or, (and this may underlie all these reasons), you want to get away on a romantic anniversary fun trip and top it off with a recommitment to the vows of love you took so many years ago.

Vow Renewal References

The oldest references to vow renewals seem to be the ancient Celtic Hand Fasting rituals traditionally performed on solstices, equinoxes or on the first of May. These were community events and were considered a rejoining of the couple (or couples) with each other and their family and community after a trying event or tragedy such as the death of a child or parent, a poor harvest, infertility, or dissension within the home or village, reestablishing the love between two people and the spiritual connection between them and the earth, the sky, the elements and the community. Thus, sacred renewals were considered to be a healing ceremony, and so can your wedding vow renewal. This need not mean a somber, over serious ceremony, remember that fun and frivolity, dance and dinner and drink, laughter and good times can be the most spiritually healing medicine of all. Renewals can celebrate the birth of a child or grandchild, the retirement of one or both partners, or the difficult transition known as “empty nest” when all the children are grown and the relationship of the couple has to change into something very different.

Vow Renewal Planning

Planning a vow renewal can be as complex as staging a wedding celebration with formal dress, a minister in full regalia, dinner, drinks and live band playing covers of pop music classics. It can also be as simple as booking a pair of flights, hotel room and rental car on some distant locale you have always dreamed about. Since the renewal vows have no legally binding requirements, you can even do the vows with just the two of you on a beach, on a mountain top or in a magic place in the forest.

These examples are at the far ends of the spectrum; you may want to plan something somewhere in between. The most important aspect of a wedding vow renewal is what is spoken aloud by each of the partners as an affirmation of their love and commitment to each other. Having a trusted officiate there to add their insights and perhaps a few friends to witness can add power to the ceremony.

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