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Wedding Rings: Tradition, Commitment, and Love

Wedding rings for brides have a long history, perhaps dating back 4,800 years to the ancient Egyptians who twisted hemp strands into a circle to symbolize supernatural immortal love. The Romans adopted the Egyptian custom of a band (iron being the metal of choice) on the third finger of the left hand encircling the vena amoris, the love vein, which …

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Wedding Etiquette: It’s Really up to the Bride and Groom


Traditional weddings, especially those held in a church, have some very well defined rules of wedding etiquette. But these days weddings, showers, receptions and gift giving are being guided by much more flexible rules. Therefore, the most important point of etiquette is to inform the guests and the wedding party, maid or matron of honor, groomsmen and best man what …

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