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Tropical Wedding Flower Bouquet

Wedding Flowers: Beauty, Tradition and a Little Light Magic

Flowers and weddings seem to be such a natural, well, marriage, that you may be forgiven for not knowing about the long history of symbolism and a sort of practical magic behind their use at the ceremony, reception and to insure blessings on the wedding night nuptials. Bridal bouquets, bridesmaids posies, floral arrangements and centerpieces can be designed with a …

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Maly and Derrick Tossing Flowers at Their Wedding

Wedding Bouquets: From a Simple Flower in the Hair to a Shower Bouquet

Originally, some time in the early Anglo Saxon history of marriage, guests not only tossed flower petals in the air and on the bridal path, close friends and relatives would gather fresh flowers from their gardens or country fields and hand them to the bride. These bundles would not only reflect the giver’s affection for the bride and appreciation for …

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