How To Plan A Small Wedding

The size of a small wedding is in the eye of the beholder. Celebrity weddings attended by two hundred of the glamor couple’s closest friends may be considered by some to be a small intimate wedding compared to Prince William and Catherine, the┬áDuchess of Cambridge.

For the purposes of this article about planning a small wedding, however, here are a few tips for a wedding with just the bride and groom plus maybe two to four guests. Often a wedding couple plans a full blown reception party back in the hometown, full of family and friends, balloons and a band and party favors, but chooses to have a destination wedding in a location of their dreams; just a quiet ceremony with a trusted minister. This simplicity need not be without some elegant trappings to make the event memorable, fun and profound.

Start with Location and Budget

Planning a small wedding

Small Wedding Planning

Planning a small wedding begins by choosing a location and date. Figure out a realistic budget and then figure in a little fudge margin. It’s recommended, just from a romantic getaway standpoint, to choose a location as far away and different from hometown as can be afforded. A bed and breakfast in California, an island in the Caribbean or the dream romantic wedding in Hawaii, wherever the heart and imagination may call, find a local wedding coordinator to help with the details. These details may include a limo, dinner reservations, flowers, musician at the ceremony site and the minister. Just because this is a small wedding doesn’t mean it can’t fulfill a bride’s and a groom’s fantasies.

A small wedding focuses attention on the intimate relationship of the bride and groom without all the pomp and circumstance of a major production full of anxiety and glitz. The central theme becomes the vows themselves, written in whole or part by the most important people in the world for that moment in that place, the bride and groom. Try and talk to or exchange e-mails directly with the minister a week or two ahead of time to find out ahead of time what the ceremony he or she uses sounds like. There is nothing wrong with changing the wording of the ceremony to be more congruent with personal vows the bride and groom have written.

Finally, when planning a small wedding, don’t forget about photography, and possibly video. The folks back home and future generations are going to want to see what occured, especially since they were not there. It’s possible to even make a stack of postcards out of one of the wedding photos to send out to all those closest friends.

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