Paradise Garden Wedding Package

The Easiest Way to Plan Your Wedding in Paradise

You have finally decided to fulfill your fantasy of a romantic wedding in Hawaii. Now what do you do to make your dream a reality?

The best way to go about it is to find a local professional coordinator on the island of your choice and decide on the perfect Hawaii wedding package. The next step is to let your imagination soar and picture yourself and your beloved on a beach in Maui, tropical garden on Kauai, elegant park setting on Oahu, or a rugged coastal vista on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Planning your wedding ceremony long distance from your home phone or computer can be such a daunting task. Hawaii is so far away, almost like a foreign country; so many options and vendors for the numerous services needed, your special day so important and you want it all to be perfect.

Share Your Ideas and Talk it Over

Compile your questions and your dreams, talk it over with your beloved or some special friend and then contact several coordinators you find via the internet, the phone book, or some bridal magazine. Perhaps you’re lucky enough to have friends who can offer you a referral who were married or attended a wedding in the islands and can offer a recommendation.

Picking a location is one of the first challenges to ask of your coordinator. All beaches in the Hawaiian Islands are free to the public; however, parks may require a permit (still often free), gardens, chapels and waterfall locations may have site fees applicable.

Getting a marriage license in Hawaii is easy; it costs $60 in cash, you and your spouse to be must show up in person, but you can download the application and fill it out ahead of time.

To do so, visit > Obtain a Hawaii MarriageĀ License Application.

Package Inclusions

Your Hawaii wedding package may include the license appointment, however it definitely needs to include options for professional photography and video (get the photos in an album and on a CD and get the video edited and put on DVD). Flowers, flowers, flowers; there is an abundance of beautiful, hypnotically fragrant tropical flowers in Hawaii for bouquets, Hawaiian lei, centerpieces for the tables at the reception, blossoms for the bride’s hair, and perhaps some petals to sprinkle at the ceremony site.

Other services your coordinator can provide in your Hawaii wedding package are: a choice of ceremony and vows, Hawaiian musician and conch shell blower at the site, champagne toast and cake, and perhaps a limousine to bring you to the celebration in elegant style and whisk you away to a nuptial dinner.

A magical and romantic Hawaii wedding is made possible by choosing the perfect Hawaii wedding package and a coordinator that understands your island of choice.

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