3 Must Haves to Bring to Your Destination Wedding

When traveling to a destination far from home for your wedding celebration make sure to bring all the necessary items you will need to ensure you have a perfect event.

Here are some suggestions on what you should bring to your Kauai wedding celebration no matter what location on the Garden Island you choose to stay.

Proper Clothing for Hawaii

While in Hawaii, you will have several occasions in which you will have to wear appropriate attire and besides packing for the tropics you will also need to remember to pack some special attire.

You’ll need to pack an outfit for the rehearsal dinner, your wedding dress (and other wedding attire – garter, shoes, etc.), an outfit for the reception (if different from the ceremony), and clothing for your honeymoon.

Gifts for the Wedding Party

If you do not plan on purchasing gifts for the wedding party on Kauai then you need to consider how you are going to bring the gifts along with you.

While couples typically get a lot of gifts for their wedding, don’t forget the wedding party gifts, and ones for your family members. You also want to include anyone else you want to thank. Remember that they’re traveling to share your special day with you, and you want to get them something practical and easily packable.

Bring an Extra Suitcase

You might not get a lot of gifts at your destination wedding (don’t plan on anyone bringing you a toaster in Kauai), but you’ll probably get some.

Also, plan on buying souvenirs and other mementos to remember your Kauai wedding and honeymoon. You might even want to bring your wedding bouquet and other items home to save. If you remember the above, you should have everything covered. Be sure to get an onsite wedding planner in Kauai to help with the details so you and your fiance can enjoy your wedding and honeymoon.

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