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4 Tips for Planning a Remarkable Wedding Reception

The wedding reception is a big part of the wedding experience and almost as important as the wedding ceremony itself.┬áIt is a time for the bride and groom to be with the friends and family that have supported their marriage. The reception should reflect that of the wedding ceremony in formality as well as the time of day it is …

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Wedding Receptions on a Budget

Wedding Reception Ideas: Budget and Creativity are the Keys to Success

When the big day is scheduled and a well meaning circle of family and friends come up with dozens of wedding reception ideas, remember this is a party for the bride and groom. The reception needs to be thematically linked to the marriage ceremony and they both should reflect the the bridge’s vision. However, this wedding reception guideline could change …

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Tropical Flower Centerpieces

Wedding Centerpieces: Setting the Decorative Theme for Your Wedding

The beautiful assortment of flowers you see on each table at the reception is called a wedding centerpiece. The theme for this wedding incorporated the popular hawaiian flower the Anthurium. When your guests, family and wedding party leave the site of the wedding ceremony and head for the reception, they will be basking in the grand emotions of the sacred …

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Wedding Favors: Gifts With a Touch of Elegance or Whimsy for Your Guests

The history and practice of giving wedding favors dates as far back as ancient Rome. Many of your friends may incur considerable expense in hotels, time off work, proper attire, etc. in order to attend your wedding ceremony. What better way to show your gratitude to your guests for being part of your wedding celebration than to give them a …

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