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Diana's Wedding Hairstyle for a Beach Wedding

Wedding Hairstyle Tips for Bride and Groom

For a perfect hair day, we must not forget the wedding hairstyles of the groom, the groom’s men and the bridesmaids. The “beautiful people” don’t just live in Hollywood, they are also our everyday neighbors, friends, sisters, brothers or cousins who are about to get married. They come alive when they style their hair to frame the face. Really anyone …

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Charles & Diana's Beach Wedding

A Brief History of Wedding Dresses

Throughout history, women have made their wedding dresses a special and exquisite prop to suit this sacred occasion and make themselves as beautiful as princesses. Wedding dresses have existed for as long as weddings have, but wedding gowns as we know them today are a recent invention. In medieval times, royal marriages were of great political importance and were often …

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Pic Jane Wedding Hairstyle 1 E1317161398200

Art Of The Wedding Hair Style

Your wedding day is two weeks away and it’s time to think about your wedding hair style. “Hair”! What subject has produced more anxiety, fears, tears and rituals, bottles, brushes, and gossip than that of the almighty wedding hairstyle, the coiffure of the bride. Any bad hair day is cause enough for us to shutter, stutter and utter “what will …

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Stefan and Helena's Wedding

Jewelry is an Important Detail for Brides and Bridesmaids

Your wedding dress is of course the fashion centerpiece of your big day. It’s been carefully selected over perhaps dozens of others and you’ve dreamed about it since childhood. You love it. But don’t forget about your jewelry for the day. The¬†accessorizing¬†plays an incredibly important role in creating the overall look for both brides and bridesmaids. The jewelry you select …

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Tony and Barbara's Wedding

Personal Care Wedding Checklist

As most soon to be brides know, preparation for the wedding involves more than booking a church and reception hall. Both the bride and groom need to plan accordingly to ensure all facets of their personal appearance are taken care of prior to the day of the wedding. Many things need to be taken into consideration, ranging from attire to …

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