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Wedding Plans in Blue Hawaii

Long before Elvis brought tears to our eyes with the Hawaiian Wedding Song, couples were flocking to or just wishing to be able to take their vows in Hawaii.

Once the choice of the upper class and wealthy, Hawaii was at the top of many folks wish list as a fantasy vacation for a destination wedding.

With the development of gorgeous new resorts and hotels that beckon tourists and the natural beauty of the islands themselves, many couples are putting a Hawaiian destination wedding at the top of their wish list.

Hawaii has many things to offer a couple looking for an ideal destination wedding location. Besides the warm weather, clear blue skies, and island charm; there are wedding planning services with the professional expertise to make a couple’s dream of an island wedding a most memorable life event.

Customizing Your Hawaii Wedding

Customizing your Hawaii WeddingSo many nationalities and denominations are represented in the islands that a couple can choose almost any type of ceremony. From a religious ceremony of their faith to a nondenominational ceremony or a traditional Hawaiian wedding ceremony; the wedding planning consultant will work with you to customize the ceremony and celebration to your exact needs.

Many people still think of getting married on an island as eloping but more and more couples have changed that perception by planning destination site weddings in Hawaii.

Often, the couple will reserve a block of airplane tickets and hotel rooms at a quantity discount rate and offer them to guests. By doing so, the couple hopes for more guests to join them on their special day. Couples sometimes discover that by selecting Hawaii as a wedding site, fewer guests are able to attend and the wedding ends up smaller and more intimate because only family and close friends are able to attend.

Curtis & KatRama

KatRama Brooks Wedding Planner Curtis McCosco Wedding Photographer

Wedding planning in Hawaii should include talking with a specialized wedding coordinator who has a list of the best wedding sites in the islands. They can create a marriage ceremony that is an affordable affair and also allow the couple to have a week long celebration without having to fly to a new place. Many couples will decide to honeymoon on the islands since they are already in a most enchanted place and may also be very sentimental about the location.

Considering the cost and stress planning a wedding can cause, getting married in the tropics with scenes of the blue Pacific Ocean can be logical, a fantasy choice, and relieve a lot of stress often associated with wedding planning. Please contact us with any questions.

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