Katie and Joseph's Wedding

Quality Production Important in Hawaii Wedding Videos

There are so many companies, from wedding coordinators to full video production houses, offering their services making Hawaii wedding videos, it can become a bewildering task to choose the right video provider for your special day. Still photography has traditionally reigned supreme as a “must have” service when planning your Hawaii wedding. However, with the proliferation of relatively inexpensive high …

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Rachel and Albert's Magical Beach Wedding

Plan Well in Advance for Your Dream Wedding

When you have finally decided to follow your dreams and have your wedding in one of the most romantic locations in the world, choose carefully from the hundreds of local coordinators to provide your Hawaii wedding services. It will take some time online searching the internet, but if you compare wedding packages (most professional wedding service companies in Hawaii have …

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Maly and Derrick's Destination Wedding

Destination Hawaii Wedding: Travel to Paradise for Your Dream Wedding

Fly away across the ocean for your romantic destination Hawaii wedding on a tropical island in the middle of the blue Pacific Ocean. The whole idea of a destination wedding is to get away from home, stand on a sea mist swept beach, bedeck your beloved and yourself in fragrant flower lei, become enraptured by soft and seductive Hawaiian songs …

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Carey Plays Ukelele at Their Wedding

Hawaii Wedding Song

Elvis’s version of the Hawaii Wedding Song Words is world famous, thanks to the legendary movie “Blue Hawaii”. The actual location where the wedding scene was shot and a flower bedecked Elvis was paddled in a canoe covered in tropical flowers singing the famous song as he glided to pick up his lucky bride, is on the island of Kauai …

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Tropical Wedding Flower Bouquet

Wedding Flowers: Beauty, Tradition and a Little Light Magic

Flowers and weddings seem to be such a natural, well, marriage, that you may be forgiven for not knowing about the long history of symbolism and a sort of practical magic behind their use at the ceremony, reception and to insure blessings on the wedding night nuptials. Bridal bouquets, bridesmaids posies, floral arrangements and centerpieces can be designed with a …

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Maly and Derrick Tossing Flowers at Their Wedding

Wedding Bouquets: From a Simple Flower in the Hair to a Shower Bouquet

Originally, some time in the early Anglo Saxon history of marriage, guests not only tossed flower petals in the air and on the bridal path, close friends and relatives would gather fresh flowers from their gardens or country fields and hand them to the bride. These bundles would not only reflect the giver’s affection for the bride and appreciation for …

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Wedding Cake Closeup of Frosting

Wedding Cakes: Tradition, Fertility, and Magic

The modern white wedding cake decorated with frosting bells, sugar flowers, and a little Bride and Groom on top may not seem to be much more than a gesture toward tradition. However, cakes at a wedding have a long history filled with magic, symbolism, and fertility rites. Page after page of the oldest books of early Britain and Europe, cuneiform …

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Simple and Elegant Wedding Flowers

Getting What You Want for Your Wedding

As we all know, wedding cakes and flowers are a huge part of weddings. In being such an important component to any wedding, they can also cost a great deal. There are many routes you can take in order to save money for your wedding. Many of these money-saving tips will still provide sufficient flowers and wedding cakes without sacrificing …

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Wedding Receptions on a Budget

Wedding Reception Ideas: Budget and Creativity are the Keys to Success

When the big day is scheduled and a well meaning circle of family and friends come up with dozens of wedding reception ideas, remember this is a party for the bride and groom. The reception needs to be thematically linked to the marriage ceremony and they both should reflect the the bridge’s vision. However, this wedding reception guideline could change …

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Tropical Flower Centerpieces

Wedding Centerpieces: Setting the Decorative Theme for Your Wedding

The beautiful assortment of flowers you see on each table at the reception is called a wedding centerpiece. The theme for this wedding incorporated the popular hawaiian flower the Anthurium. When your guests, family and wedding party leave the site of the wedding ceremony and head for the reception, they will be basking in the grand emotions of the sacred …

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