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Wedding Ideas: From a Bride’s Vision to an Affordable Plan

Planning a wedding often involves combining wedding ideas from a number of well meaning sources, but the most important ideas need to have as their source the bride’s vision that may have been forming since she was a little girl. All of these ideas and visions will also be tempered by budget considerations. Should one or both sets of parents …

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Wedding Decorations: Have Fun Setting the Theme

Your wedding is a long awaited opportunity to not only confirm your love for that special person, but to express with wedding decorations the visions, ideas and dreams for this day you have always nourished and now have the chance to make into reality. Two main considerations are choosing a theme and determining a budget. If you are the artsy-craftsy …

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Wedding Rings: Tradition, Commitment, and Love

Wedding rings for brides have a long history, perhaps dating back 4,800 years to the ancient Egyptians who twisted hemp strands into a circle to symbolize supernatural immortal love. The Romans adopted the Egyptian custom of a band (iron being the metal of choice) on the third finger of the left hand encircling the vena amoris, the love vein, which …

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Wedding Favors: Gifts With a Touch of Elegance or Whimsy for Your Guests

The history and practice of giving wedding favors dates as far back as ancient Rome. Many of your friends may incur considerable expense in hotels, time off work, proper attire, etc. in order to attend your wedding ceremony. What better way to show your gratitude to your guests for being part of your wedding celebration than to give them a …

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Wedding Etiquette: It’s Really up to the Bride and Groom


Traditional weddings, especially those held in a church, have some very well defined rules of wedding etiquette. But these days weddings, showers, receptions and gift giving are being guided by much more flexible rules. Therefore, the most important point of etiquette is to inform the guests and the wedding party, maid or matron of honor, groomsmen and best man what …

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Wedding Quotes: Romantic Words From Famous Authors

The big wedding day is fast approaching and you need to find some wedding quotes to fill out the little speech you have to give, the toast you have to make or maybe the vows you have to write. To get in the mood, crank up the stereo, pour a glass of wine (or whatever) and get online where you …

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Free Wedding Speeches? It’s best to write your own!

The call, more frightening than one from the IRS, comes in, “I’m getting married, I want you to make a speech.” The great joy in your heart for your best friend, the bride or groom, is being overwhelmed with dread. A USA Today poll revealed the average person fears public speaking above all other fears including death. You need a …

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Wedding Poems: Expressions of Love for a Special Day

Nothing could be more perfectly matched to the blessed celebrations on your wedding day than wedding poems. Through the ages the greatest writers have found that to set free the love bursting forth in their heart, poetry is the perfect medium of conveyance. At once lyrical and fanciful, highly personal and universal, inspirational and confessional, the poetry of love speaks …

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Wedding Readings: Thoughts on Love and Marriage by Famous Authors

When it comes time for you to stand up and deliver a speech or toast on the day of the wedding ceremony or reception of your friend, son, or daughter, all grown up, you may want to opt for quotes from famous authors and do what are called wedding readings. Let the music die down and hush the joyous conversations …

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Wedding Songs Create that Special Mood

When your wedding day arrives, the wedding songs you choose during planning for the ceremonies and reception will set an ambiance you’re sure to cherish forever. When sharing that album of photos with friends, family, maybe children and, someday, grandchildren, these songs live in memory and can spark your recall of wonderful details that otherwise may fade. The tune you …

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