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Our Kauai wedding packages take all the fuss out of wedding planning, as every little detail is setup up for you in advance.
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Vow Renewals are a precious reminder of the love that brought you to where you are today. Celebrate rebirth love.
Vow Renewals



Your destination wedding is abundant with timeless beauty – moments to remember are captured for a lifetime.
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Kauai wedding locations include the most beautiful exotic beaches amidst azure blue waters, waterfalls, and…

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Curtis McCosco & KatRama Brooks

Curtis McCosco & KatRama Brooks

Wedding vows are precious expressions of the ongoing love and commitment people have for each other. Curtis and KatRama have been a couple for over 30 years. Lived on Kauai for 26 years and been in the wedding business since 1993. They have the experience to perceive the unique qualities of each couple, and are committed to give each ceremony their full attention. Every detail is attended to allowing you to have a stress free experience.

By spending quality time in the planning stages, KatRama is able to enhance the unique spectrum of tastes two people bring to their wedding celebration. Marriage services are personalized to fulfill your vision of this sacred ceremony. With meticulous attention to detail and a special magical touch, blending lightness and solemnity, she weaves a sense of connectedness entwining the lives of all in attendance to create an unforgettable nuptial experience.

KatRama Brooks, Hawaii licensed minister, Kauai wedding coordinator, wedding consultant, offers a wealth of personal resources to serve every potential client. She performs traditional, Christian, nondenominational, Hawaiian Style, Jewish, Buddhist Kauai weddings, vow renewals and same sex marriages. Born in Vienna, Austria, KatRama has traveled the world extensively and speaks three languages. KatRama (her spiritual name) is also an astrologer, writer, and painter.

KatRama and Curtis are a devoted team in life and ceremony dedicated to making your special day in the magical embrace of Hawaii’s most beautiful Island a lasting memory.

Curtis has been a wedding photographer on Kauai since 1990. With 40 years of experience as a photographer, documentary filmmaker, and videographer. His special gift to connect with couples at a soul level shows in the photographs he takes. Playful elegance shows through the images as you ease into the photo session for a once-in-a-lifetime expression of beauty and joy on your special day.

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